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Congratulations if you are reading this, because you will find that it can be really easy and cheap to spend a weekend or a few days in different places of Czech Republic or in another country.
In this entry I would like to share with you some advices for your trips regarding accommodation.
Nowadays we have many options, and it is up to you to choose which you consider the best.
So, these are the two ways I found I think are the easiest, most practical and cheapest:
  • The first one is Couchsurfing. This is a website where you create a profile and you meet people who offer their houses to sleep for free. At first you could thing that it is crazy to sleep in a strange house with people you don’t know, but when you start reading different profiles, references and opinions of other people, you see that it is not dangerous. There are people like you, who are in a foreign country, like traveling and are looking for the same as you, a house to spend one or two nights. On the other hand, there are people who host people in their houses. So you can try both things through this website. However, sometimes it is not easy to find host houses as maybe the days you want to travel people are on holidays or they are busy, so they are not able to host you.
  • So the second option is to find cheap hostels by Internet. I found a very useful website: Booking. Here you can find different kind of accommodation in different countries. Moreover, if you install the app on your phone, you don’t need to print anything to show in the hostel. This app has the option of download or save the reservation in your phone so you just have to show the staff of the hostel the screen of your phone with the reservation. This app is available for Android and iOS
We found hostels for just 11 euros (297 CZK) the night (of course, hostels are really cheap because you share a room with more people, but don´t worry, it is fine and I never had problems with that). Breakfast, WiFi and wash machine are usually included.   
These are two of the cheapest hostels I booked in Czech Republic with a perfect location:      
-Brno: John Galt Hostel (you can book it with Booking). 
-Prague: Art Hole Hostel (you also can book it with Booking). 
It is important that you book the night in advance: it can be much more cheaper.
  • Moreover, I discovered WordPackers. Here you will find hostels where you can exchange your skills for accommodation. I never tried but I would like it, because it sounds very interesting. Have a look if you like the idea of traveling for free for a few days! 
So these are the ways I consider the best to travel in Czech Republic. Hope it is useful for you and good luck with your search for accommodation!

By Elena from Spain

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