Friday, 15 January 2016


We wanted to take advantage of being in the heart of Europe and we decided to visit Poland for three days. The nearest and most interesting place to go there for us was clear: Krakow. One of the main reason was that wanted to visit Auschwitz concentration camp. So we booked a tour and a hostel by Internet and we started our adventure. 

Auschwitz was amazing, I don´t have words to explain it. It is a place that it is worth to go one in lifetime. Listening to all the details and history at the same time you are seeing exactly where happened, almost made me cry. Moreover, the day we choose to go was rainy and cold, which created a gloomy atmosphere. We learnt a lot that day.

*If you want to go to Auschwitz:

In Auschwitz you have the chance to go with a tour or by your own by bus. Personally, I recommend you to book a tour, as they will tell you stories that maybe you did not learn in the school or even in books.  
We booked the tour with SeeKrakow and we were very satisfied. 

The rest of the time in Krakow was much more cheerful: we visited the beautiful Old City and the Jewish Quarter, we met other volunteers and we tried polish beer (which is one of the best I´ve ever drunk, with the czech beer).
In Poland and other counties there are free tours in different languages organized by local people. This is a great opportunity to know the history, customes and traditions of the city and spend a good time. They showed us a Sinagoga, the Gueto, the bridge and other important monuments around Krakow.

Another thing about this country is that they use zlotis, the polish money. More, or less, 4 zlotis are 1 Euro. We changed our czech money in Kantors and the change did not cost anything. Everything there it was really cheap. 

To sum up, it was a very nice trip and I enjoyed a lot every moment. It was a mix of feelings: shocked during the tour, so happy in the city with the other volunteers. I felt so lucky to have had the change of being in Krakow.

By Elena from Spain

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