Tuesday, 16 February 2016


In this entry I would like to tell you about my work here. Every volunteer is different, and it is up to them which activities they prefer to do. In my case, I do different things and I am very satisfied and happy about that. Here I explain you more details :)  

  • English and spanish conversations/lessons, with people of different ages interested in practising or learning these languages. In my case I have three groups (two of spanish and one of english) per week, one hour each. The groups are divided depending on the level and availabilily. It is up to you how you organize this activity; personally I like to use games, questions about different topics or videos.

  • Creative workshops once per month (more or less). This is my favourite task. I´ve always interested in these kind of things and I feel very lucky here to have the chance of doing it. I find it very funny and I think everybody interested can spend a good time. You don´t need to be a professional, just learn how to create something easy and after show to people how you did it. We did lot of workshop depending on the situation: for example, in Christmas we created small Christmas trees and decorations, and for the Ball Representations of students we made earrings.

  • Presentations of Spain in some seminars and schools. For me it is very interesting to do this, as I am showing my country and my culture to czech people. Also we do some presentations about our experience in EVS. At the beginning I was very nervous to speak in public and in english, but after a few times I started to be more relaxed and everything was fine.

  • Ball games in the gym with children interested in playing basketball, voleyball or other games. We have this activity one hour an a half every week. 

  • Participate and help in some events that the organization prepare for the public. This includes different tasks depending on the activity, for example, one day we helped the people to create a small craft for books, other days we took pictures, etc.

  • *Spanish evening: This was one of the days I enjoyed the most here. I prepared a presentation of Spain, I cooked spanish food for the people, I put flamenco music and I organised a flower workshop in honour to the ''Feria''. Lot of people came and the environment was great. I had a great time explaining my culture and speaking spanish for as while, as in Prostejov it is not easy at all to hear spanish!

  • E-voices. The other volunteer and I write every month an article telling how is going our experience here. These information is sent to other centres and schools to promote the organization and its activities.

By Elena from Spain

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