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Creative workshops in ICM was an activity that I really enjoyed during my EVS. I am not an expert in this kind of stuffs but it is something that I´ve always liked.
It was an opportunity for me and the people who came to these workshops to develop the creativity, initiative and spend a nice time. You just need the motivation and it will be fine! Here I write something that I learnt about how to prepare this activity.

1º Step: What to do?
Think about what to do. You can find videos in Youtube, images in Google, have a look in some magazines or just use your imagination. It does not have to be something difficult; think that is an activity that will be for the public in general, people from different ages, and they will like something easy.
Something that can help you to decide is to look if there is an especial day during the days that you will do the workshop. For example, if Christmas is soon, you can do a workshops of Christmas decorations, if the spring is coming, something in connection with flowers or, if it is Eater, something related to painting eggs or baskets for chocolat will be a nice idea.
You will need to think about what to do around five weeks before the event, because you will need time to do the rest of the things that I explain down.

2º Step: The final decision!
Find the materials and try to do it. I would say it is the most important step.
Sometimes you can see that in the videos that everything is very easy and when you try to do it yourself is impossible. (I have some experiences!) So when you see you are able to create what you found, it is the moment that you can decide what it will be the workshop about. Try to find simple materials, not omething very difficult.

3º Step: Promotion
Approximately one month before the workshop, you will need to take a picture of your creation, do the leaflet telling the day, time and place and promote the event in Facebook. Invite everybody that you know in Prostejov, friends of friends, etc.


4ºStep: Preparation

Buy the necessary materials and review everything that you need during the week before and the week of the workshop. If you are the kind of person with poor memory it can happen that you forget how to create the craft a few days before the event. In this case, it is useful that you review again the steps, or try again the craft the day before if it is necessary.

5º Step: The day of the workshop
Prepare the place where you will do the workshop, materials, tables, chairs…and just start! Show the people how to create the craft, try to communicate with them during the activity and enjoy it.

·       Learn the basic words in Czech to communicate with the people as colours, numbers, some verbs and adjectives. Anyway, in workshop the most important thing is to observe how to create the craft, so if people see you creating it, they will understand the way to do it. 
·       Offer them help every time you see they have difficulties. However, there are different kind of people: people who like to work more individually and do not need help and people who prefer to listen to your advices and like when you help them. The environment is good anyway.
·    It is difficult to guess how many people will come to the event, but always it is better to prepare more materials than less!!

Examples of workshops that we created:


By Elena from Spain

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