Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Small concerns and thanking

                                       « First stages are the hardest ». This is what I was telling myself            before leaving France, «  That’s ok Lucie, at the begining you’ll feel lonely but you will survive ! ». Well, I was kind of wrong.

When you’re doing an EVS, you’re not on your own. For me, at least, as soon as I put a foot on the Czech ground they were people there to help me. This is a hudge adavantage. Of course, some times I feel sad, nostalgic because I miss my friends, my family but, for now, I’ve never feel lost. I don’t know if I’m Lucky or if it’s everywhere the same but I’m very well-accompagnied. People are generally very welcoming and ready to help.

However not speaking Czech language is a real handicap to me. Even if young people generally speaks English, or sometimes even French, the older one don’t, at all. So, for example, to take the bus it will be a challenge for making understand the driver where I want to go. For now, when people speak to me in Czech I smile, shake my head, and leave. I think sometimes people should think I’m simple-minded. Well, if I were them I would of thinking that.

By the way, my name is Lucie and I’m doing an EVS in Prostejov. I come from St Etienne, in France. I’ll try on this blog to explain what I’m living through my EVS, I’ll try to be the fairest possible. For now, I miss France a lot and that’s make me bellyache when I think about it, but I know deep down that this feeling will fade little by little. Even if I’m not at my best righ now, I don’t regret anythings!

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