Wednesday, 13 April 2016


The weekend of Easter I went with Marion and other volunteers of Czech Republic to Budapest, Hungary. I was very excited because I was going to see a new country of Central Europe. The trip from Prostějov was around 6 hours in total by train.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and we went for a walk in the evening. We tried the typical sweet that also it is found in Czech Republic, Trdelník, with chocolate, and it was sooo good.

We also saw one of the main square in the center and in the night we went to Simpla, a famous bar for its original old decoration and friendly environment.

The next day we did a tour and we saw Andrássy Avenue and the river Danube, we crossed the Chain bridge (the one which connect Buda and Pest) and in Pest we saw the views of the Basilica, the Parliament and others monuments.

In the evening we saw the Gresham Palace and we went to the famous terms Széchenyi, pools outside with hot water, and I enjoyed a lot because I was fed up with the bad weather and the cold of the winter (we Spanish people really enjoy to be warm, the water and swimming pools). We were lucky that weekend because the weather in Budapest was no so bad.
It was a full day and we finished very tired.

Next day we saw the Synagogue and we came back to Prostějov. I loved Budapest and I enjoyed a lot this trip. It was the kind of places where I would like to return in the future.

*Useful tips if you visit Budapest:
  • If you want a cheap accommodation, I recommend you Frankys HostelThis is the hostel we stayed and it was quite good and near the center. 
  • The money there is Hungarian forint and everything is really cheap. One euro is 100 forints. With Poland, it is the cheapest place I have seen if I compare with the rest of the countries of Central Europe. But bit careful, the money is a bit strange because the amounts are huge (there are banknotes of 500, 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000 and 20.000 forint). So do not think you are rich when you have that money ;)
  • Try the Hungarian Guláš. It is different from the goulash of Czech Republic and also quite good. The difference is that in Hungary is more a kind of soup with beef stew, paprika and other ingredients.

By Elena from Spain

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