Wednesday, 27 April 2016


After a few months living in Czech Republic, I was thinking that sending a letter to my family and friends it would be nice, even if I keep in touch with the current technologyes. However, I  have not sent letters since when I was a child, so I completely forgot where to write the address, where to put the stamp...But I learnt again and finally the letters arrived well :). Here I explain how to send letters from Czech Republic:

1) First thing you need to do is to is to go to the post office and buy the stamps and envelopes. Most of people that work there do not speak english so it would be better if you ask in czech:

 -Stamps: známky. Important detail: do not forget to say známky do zahraničí if you want a stamp to send the letter abroad. If you buy the normal stamp (známky A), it will be useful only inside of Czech Republic. Each stamp for abroad costs 25 CZK.
-Envelopes: obálky. Each envelope costs around 7 CZK.

2) After writting your letter, you will need to put the address where you will want that your letter arrive, and your adress of here. So, step by step: in the front part of the envelope, or in the back on the left, you have to put your address of here, and in the back on the right, the stamp and the address where you will send the letter. The stamp must be situated up and on the right side, and the addrees , down and right side. Usually it is better if you follow the order:

- Name and surname
- Name of the street and number
-Code and town (if you live in a town)

Because you will send it from Czech Republic, it is better and more understandable for the people that work here in the post office to put the country destination in czech language. For example: Spain in czech it would be Španělsko, France is Francie, or Ireland Irsko.

3) Here the letter boxes are a bit strange. They have two holes and you can be confused. But do not worry, the two of them have the same objective, So never mind if you put the letter in the right or in the left hole. And that is it, once you send the letter, you just need to wait that it is arrive. Always it depends, but usually it takes two weeks more or less ;)

By Elena from Spain


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